Napa residents, pets prepare for brutal, freezing weather

NAPA, Calif. (KGO) -- The Bay Area is bracing for the record cold temperatures expected to hit overnight, and among the coldest places will be Napa. Temperatures could hit below the thirties.

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There was plenty of outdoor seating in downtown Napa as people found comfort inside. Even then, we saw patrons bundled up. Only a few braved the outside amid the dipping temperatures.

"I like this kind of weather," said Napa resident Juan Lopez. "No more cold than this. Probably tomorrow we won't be able to be here."

Temperatures are expected to hit a record low of 27 degrees in Napa and many residents are prepared. Homeowners are doing what they can to protect their plants. Bob Canepa covered his with bed sheets. He has a stash of them ready to go that he whips out a few times a year.

"In the morning we catch the news for the next day and that tells me whether to cover them or not and then we fold them up, put them away," said Canepa.

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Veronica Coffin did the same thing to her plants. She's not crazy about this cold weather, but says it could be worse.

"I'm glad I'm not back East. I'm glad I'm here in California. I have a niece and nephew in Connecticut and it's snowing over there," said Coffin.

As for grape growers, they're keeping an eye on the temperatures. Bud break, the first stage of vine growth, has already emerged in some areas, making the crop more susceptible to frost damage. They say if necessary, they'll turn on their wind machines and other tools they rely on during cold snaps.

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