What we know about the alleged YouTube shooter

SAN BRUNO, Calif. (KGO) -- Exercise videos, music parodies, content about animals and going vegan -- Nasim Aghdam posted hundreds of videos on YouTube across multiple channels in several languages. Some of her videos seem to poke fun at the YouTube platform.

"Make a stupid video," she said. "The more stupid videos you make, the more successful you will be."

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Sources tell ABC7 News nobody in the San Bruno facility knew who Aghdam was when she walked into the campus carrying a purse.

Witnesses say she fired 30 to 40 shots before turning the gun on herself.

Aghdam most recently lived in a house in Riverside County.

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ABC7 spoke to her neighbor, who says she lived with her parents and her husband or boyfriend and that she didn't leave the house much. "She did some painting on the house and stuff like that," said John Rundell. "Very nice people."

Aghdam has a website with a manifesto that targets YouTube for demonetizing her videos and cutting her ad revenue. She quotes Hitler and accuses YouTube and I'm not the only one."

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"I'm being discriminated and filtered on YouTube and I'm not the only one," Aghdam said in another video.

Aghdam also embedded videos belonging to other YouTube stars that talk about the YouTube "Ad-Pocalypse," which has caused many creators to lose traffic, subscribers, and ad revenue because of a new advertising policy.

It turns out that several hours before the shooting, police had contact with Aghdam.

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Mountain View police say they found Aghdam sleeping in a car in a parking lot this morning. When officers spoke to Aghdam and ran her license plate, they realized that she had been reported missing out of Southern California. Police say they notified her family that she had been found, but haven't said if they took any further action.

Aghdam ended up at YouTube headquarters a few hours later with a gun.

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