Mystery newlyweds in Yosemite photo want to remain anonymous

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, Calif. (KGO) -- A stunning shot on Instagram created a romantic mystery across social media.

The picture perfect moment was captured at Yosemite. Amateur photographer Mike Karas was hiking last Thursday at Taft Point when he snapped the stunning picture.

He posted the photo online to try to find the newlyweds, in the hopes of sharing the gorgeous image with them.

We shared it on our social media pages and received responses on Instagram from two professional photographers -- Derek Copenhaver and Taylor Mccutchan - who say they were working with the wedding party and that the newlyweds would like to remain anonymous.

Mccutchan wrote, "Heya! @derekcopenhaver and I were the videographer and photographer. At the moment, the couple wishes to remain anonymous as they would like to share the day with friends and family first."

So, the mystery has been (kinda) solved!
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