2/22/22: South Bay couples tie the knot on once-in-a-century wedding date

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Wednesday, February 23, 2022
2/22/22: Couples tie the knot on once-in-a-century wedding date
Couples around the Bay Area tied the knot today on 2-22-22, in one of the busiest days of ceremonies at county courthouses.

SAN MATEO COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- We won't see today's date of 2/22/22 for another century and it's being celebrated in one of the most special ways possible.

Couples around the Bay Area tied the knot today in one of the busiest days of ceremonies at county courthouses.

Many we spoke with said they took advantage of the rare opportunity to get married on a unique, one-of-a-kind date.

"My ring now says '2/22/22,' and I will make sure to never forget the anniversary," Julio Alvarez said. "It's an easy one!"

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"Today in particular is what's called an auspicious day where there's a sequence in numbers 2/22/22," San Mateo Co. Asst. Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder Jim Irizarry said. "That, in folklore, makes it a very special day for health, prosperity and happiness."

Sounds like the perfect day to celebrate holy matrimony.

Courthouses across the Bay Area see peak demand for wedding ceremonies when the dates align.

In San Mateo County, 20 happy couples celebrated their love in a ceremony every hour, on the hour.

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Deonte Tisdel and Sheila Maldonado were the first two up.

"I couldn't sleep last night," Maldonado said. "I was actually having real butterflies, even now. Just real nervous, we've been together a long time."

Meanwhile down in Santa Clara County, only one special ceremony. The union was one of the first to be held in-person at the courthouse since 2020.

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The San Mateo County Clerk's office extended its hours Thursday in anticipation of a busy day of weddings. Officials say couples are drawn to the alignment of numbers on this day: 2/20/2020.

It was a celebration of distance travelled and love, after a trying past two years.

"We really went through hard times throughout the pandemic, especially in the housing crisis here in San Jose," Alvarez said. "Everything has been really difficult, but we made it, we're here now and it's finally real."

Today is the happiest day of their life and, surrounded by their friends and family, these couples look forward to the life ahead.

"Now we're cemented forever and we're truly happy about that," Alvarez said.

"I feel very special and blessed because this day is very sacred and I don't think it will come around again," Tisdel said.

To all who were married today -- We wish you a lifetime of happiness, good health and prosperity. Congratulations!