Lindsey Feingold | ABC7 KGO News Team
Lindsey Feingold is the Data Journalism Fellow for ABC7 News. She works on everything from breaking news to long-term investigations with the ABC7 News I-Team. She also works with data journalists at other ABC affiliate stations on national projects.

Before joining the team, Lindsey interned at organizations including the ACLU, NPR, and Consumer Reports. She graduated from the University of Maryland with degrees in Multiplatform Journalism and Psychology and received a post-bac certificate in data analysis and visualization from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism.

Lindsey is from New York, but is excited to explore the Bay Area! Got a tip, story idea, or a restaurant that sells authentic NYC bagels? Email her at or follow her on Twitter @lindseyf96.

Lindsey's Stories
Why the Johnson & Johnson pause isn't a big deal for Bay Area vaccine appointments
Vaccine appointments are already hard to come by in the Bay Area. So will the Johnson and Johnson news make COVID-19 vaccine doses an even more elusive commodity in the Bay Area?
Many Bay Area private schools received more COVID-19 relief per student compared to public schools, data shows
"It just shows there's still a lot more work to do...inequities still exist."
Map shows where recall Gavin Newsom signatures are coming from in California
A map created by ABC7 News' data journalism team shows where the most Californians are signing a petition to put Gov. Gavin Newsom up for a recall vote.
'We don't have resources': CA lags behind in reporting race, ethnicity COVID-19 vaccination data
'We need to see the data': Many Bay Area residents are reluctant to trust Gov. Newsom's message that "equity is the call of this moment," when it comes to vaccines. They say they need to see it to believe it.
Bay Area COVID-19 tracker: Data shows every county's status
Charts show county-by-county rates of coronavirus cases, deaths, hospitalizations and vaccinations in the Bay Area.
Nearly 2M COVID-19 vaccines waiting in freezers across California, data shows
Close to 80% of the U.S. is doing better than California when it comes to vaccine distribution -- but numbers are improving.
'A huge disparity': San Francisco, Oakland neighborhoods struggle with pharmacy deserts
Seniors in California are ready to get the COVID-19 vaccine, but there at least seven zip codes with 10,000 or more residents in the Bay Area that don't have any retail pharmacies.
Map shows everywhere you can get a COVID-19 test in the Bay Area
Looking for a coronavirus testing site? We created a map that makes it easy to find one near you.
Looking for a Bay Area food pantry? See our interactive map
Check our interactive map to see which food banks in the Bay Area are near you.
The French Laundry got more than $2.4M in PPP funding; 17x more than average Bay Area restaurants
'I'M ANGRY': The luxury restaurant where Gov. Newsom and SF Mayor London Breed were notoriously spotted dining during a COVID-19 surge, reportedly received more than $2.4 million in PPP funding. That's 17x more than what the average Bay Area restaurant received.