Lindsey Feingold | ABC7 KGO News Team
Lindsey Feingold is the data journalist for ABC7 News. She works on everything from breaking news to long-term investigations with the ABC7 News I-Team. She also works with data journalists at other ABC affiliate stations on national projects.

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Lindsey's Stories
How strong are Bay Area bridges? Here's what ABC7 I-Team uncovered
How strong are Bay Area bridges? The ABC7 News I-Team did a deep dive into the durability of our local bridges. Here's what they found.
2 Bay Area cities had most postal robberies in California in 2023, data shows
Across the country, mail carriers are increasingly being held up at gunpoint while on their daily delivery routes. In California, two major Bay Area cities had the greatest number of postal robberies and attacks in 2023.
Is pandemic exodus over? SF population slightly increasing, Census Bureau numbers show
New census numbers show people are coming back to San Francisco. We take a look at the data here.
Less than 4% of Bay Area Caltrans pothole, other damage claims approved in recent years: data
Caltrans says drivers can apply for reimbursement if a pothole damages their car on a state road. But an ABC7 News data analysis shows Caltrans denies the vast majority of the claims. One Bay Area man found out the hard way.
CA roads are 3rd deadliest in US for pedestrians, data shows. Here's how Bay Area counties fare
"We've made a lot of improvements in technology, but yet we're killing more and more people just because they're going out for a walk." Here's a look at Bay Area pedestrian deaths, and what cities are doing to improve.
Post COVID-19 pandemic data shows recovery disparities between SF neighborhoods
While neighborhoods like Japantown and Seacliff are thriving more than ever, other San Francisco neighborhoods are struggling to reach those pre-pandemic sales numbers. Here's what data shows.
Data shows certain violent crimes are rising in Oakland as city nears full year without police chief
New data analyzed by the ABC7 News I-Team and released in the latest citywide crime report show that certain violent crimes are rising in Oakland as the city nears a full year without a police chief.
Some Oakland residents are waiting 20 minutes or longer to reach 911 operators, I-Team finds
"911 wouldn't even pick up." New data analyzed by the ABC7 News I-Team shows that Oakland's 911 response is worsening, even after a warning from the state - and it's threatening access to critical funding.
San Mateo County schools' drinking water contaminated with nitrate
"It's disgusting." Drinking water is contaminated with nitrate at two San Mateo County schools. This photo taken in October after a beaker was filled with water from the faucet in the high school science classroom.
Could flooding fuel CA's next insurance crisis? What data shows for thousands of Bay Area homes
Not only will more people need flood insurance in the coming years, but the current lack of insurance protections for many is an issue in the present day.