Lindsey Feingold | ABC7 KGO News Team
Lindsey Feingold is the data journalist for ABC7 News. She works on everything from breaking news to long-term investigations with the ABC7 News I-Team. She also works with data journalists at other ABC affiliate stations on national projects.

Before joining the team, Lindsey interned at organizations including the ACLU, NPR, and Consumer Reports. She graduated from the University of Maryland with degrees in Multiplatform Journalism and Psychology and received a post-bac certificate in data analysis and visualization from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism.

Lindsey is from New York, but is excited to explore the Bay Area! Got a tip, story idea, or a restaurant that sells authentic NYC bagels? Email her at or follow her on Twitter @lindseyf96.

Lindsey's Stories
'Food deserts': Nearly 900 neighborhoods across Bay Area have limited access to food
"It's tiring," says a woman who lives off 14th street in Oakland. "I have to walk miles to get to the grocery store."
Solano Co. health officer criticizes indoor mask mandate, but other health officials disagree
"If you look back on it... none of the counties that had such a mask mandate showed any benefit."
Uninsured and Unprotected: Data shows growing health insurance gap across the Bay Area
ABC7's data analysis of U.S. Census Bureau records found in the San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley metro area, the percentage of uninsured Hispanic/Latinos is nearly four times more than that of white people.
Hispanic, Latino population grows in 7 of 9 Bay Area counties, soars in California
THE 2020 CENSUS RESULTS ARE IN: The Hispanic and Latino population grew in the majority of Bay Area counties as the community becomes the largest racial and ethnic group for the first time in California.
18x more likely to be suspended: Bay Area schools grapple with excessive discipline
Black and Latino Bay Area area students are far more likely to face suspension and miss crucial classroom instruction when compared to their white and Asian classmates, an ABC7 News Data Team analysis found. A Black student is 18x more likely to be suspended in San Francisco Unified.
Most Bay Area students have access to advanced courses, but who's taking them?
"A school in an urban neighborhood in Oakland may be adding one or two AP classes, but you'll see schools out in Walnut Creek adding five or six."
These 5 Bay Area cities may be 'most at risk' for new COVID-19 infections, data shows
There are zip codes in five Bay Area cities where vaccination rates are the lowest, with 45 to 60% of the population still not fully vaccinated. Experts say these Bay Area neighborhoods are driving most of the transmission fueling our fourth COVID-19 surge.
3 Bay Area counties may be 1st to mandate masks again; here's why
One Stanford doctor explained the need for a mandate is more crucial now as CDC data shows vaccinated people who are re-infected with the virus are just as transmissible as those unvaccinated.
Data exposes racial inequities in Bay Area housing market
Homeownership and loan approvals in the Bay Area are disproportionately favoring white families over Black and Latino families, according to data.
Heat waves hit low-income Bay Area neighborhoods harder due to less trees, shade
It may be the same sun beating down on the Bay Area, but the surface temperature it triggers during a heat wave can vary dramatically neighborhood by neighborhood.