Longtime Alameda couple bikes every street on island, appears on 'Live with Kelly & Ryan'

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Friday, October 9, 2020
Longtime Alameda couple bikes every street on island
Longtime Alameda residents Jack and Terri Cooley become instant celebrities after visit to "Live with Kelly & Ryan."

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- UPDATE: The Cooleys are becoming celebrities! We caught up with them on Midday Live after they went national appearing on "Live with Kelly and Ryan," and now they have t-shirts available. Half of the proceeds for each shirt gets donated to their charity of choice: Alameda Meals on Wheels.

Terri says a stranger spotted them on their bikes the other day, yelling "bike ride with the Cooleys!" Check out their interview with ABC7 News anchor Reggie Aqui above.

PREVIOUS STORY: Since the pandemic started, many people have been looking for ways to enjoy themselves while maintaining a social distance. One Alameda couple was able to do that with a newfound love of bicycling.

Their new hobby landed them a feature on "Live with Kelly and Ryan."

Jack and Terri Cooley biked every street in Alameda during the pandemic.

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The island city is 6.5 miles long and 1 mile wide but holds a total of 634 streets. Here is a map of the island to see the scope of their endeavor.

Kelly and Ryan asked the couple how they knew the city so well and Jack revealed he has lived in Alameda for 72 years.

Watch the full interview of the Cooleys with Kelly and Ryan here:

Terri was well versed in the streets of Alameda in her former job as a childcare welfare attendant, where she traveled to homes throughout the city.

The couple has been huge fans of the show for years, and of Kelly Ripa.

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"Jack watched 'All My Children' for years, many years," Terri said.

"That is so nice. I feel very thankful to have you two in my life for so many years before we finally met," Kelly said.

"And now we're watching your children grow up," Terri added.

Kelly says now she wants to learn the streets of Alameda and ride with the Cooleys.

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