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Skincare Tips from Mary The:

Exfoliation - exfoliation - exfoliation ... After being exposed to cold, dry air all winter long, our skin can easily look dull and lifeless. Age and lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking alcohol, traveling, using the wrong cosmetics can all lead to an excessive accumulation dead skin on the surface.

Here are three approaches to exfoliate the skin.

    1. For a fast and immediate result, microdermabrasion can be done professionally and this treatment is safe when done properly.
    2. Seek expert guidance on using professional grade products. These are stronger and more effective than retail consumer products, but you need to know how and when to use them properly, and most importantly when to stop.
    3. Retail consumer products for home use are generally milder and safe for first-time users. The quality of the results can vary, depending on the manufacturer.

    Here are some samples of exfoliating products for home use that we offer:

    • Spa Renewing serum, a light lotion which provides a mild exfoliation. It is safe and good for beginners.
    • Fruit Acid Cream is a bit stronger and excellent for tougher and drier skin.
    • P 50 balancing toner is based on lactic acid, and is excellent for daily exfoliation for drier skin.

    Scrubs for exfoliation are normally best for rough areas of the body, while a gentler scrub needs to be used for the delicate skin of the face. Do not use scrubs often, as that can also irritate the skin, and not on inflamed skin, such as with acne.

    It is important not to over-exfoliate and do use a good sunscreen daily for protection.

    Do you know that we unconsciously glue our dead cells on our skin if we continue using our heavier creams during the warmer months? The need for a thick night cream is a myth. Skin care products are not make-up. Begin to learn what each of the products you have purchased is supposed to do for you.

    Just as we like to have fun choosing what to wear every day, we need to learn how to choose what skin care products are best for different weather conditions.

    Here are several products for you to consider as the days become warmer:

      Serums from Biologique Recherche - contain higher concentrations of active ingredients to nourish the skin. Apply just a few drops every day, followed by a light cream or lotion to reduce dehydration. Serums are far more effective than creams to nourish your skin.

      Environ C-Quence - contain a high concentration of antioxidants to give the skin extra support against free radicals from the environment and the sun.

      Environ, Debut - A light cream with Vitamin A, to be used with C- Quence. These products are excellent for environmentally sensitive skin.

      Terme di Saturnia BOT Like serum and cream are a great light duo, especially for those who have the tendency to make lots of facial expressions.

      Environ, Gel - a light gel containing Vitamin A for oily and acne skin.

      Keep an open mind, skin care products can never do everything, but the right one can do much more than you can ever imagine. The key is to learn to listen to the message of your skin.

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