RAW INTERVIEW: Leon Powe's father figure talks

The Back Story

Leon got to know Bernard growing up with his younger brother. Leon was raised by a single mother and he and his three brothers and sisters spent alot of homeless nights in abandoned cars, group homes and shelters.

Bernard had already befriended the family and had the horrendous task of telling Leon his mom passed away the night before Leon was to play in his high school state baseketball championship. Bernard took over as the guardian of the family after that, and Leon, who went to Oakland Tech earned a scholarship to Cal.

Leon decided to leave college early due to financial hardships with his family and was drafted by the Boston Celtics. He is in his second year with Boston and has an option in his contract next season that could mean a big payday for the Powe family.

Bernard still travels to Boston a couple times a month to check in on Leon, who has a four-month old son, Leon Powe Jr., with his girlfriend Loren who grew up in San Jose.

Bernard was in Boston for Games One and Two and could not have been prouder of Leon, especially in Game Two, when he had a career high of 21 points. Bernard returned from Boston Monday night and ABC7's Mike Shumann sat down with him Tuesday before Game Three in LA, and he was still beaming from Leon's performance in Game Two, talking about Leon's life, before and after his rise to the NBA.

Watch the entire interview with Bernard in the above video player.

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