Mom worried baby contracted TB


Kate Morgan brought Miller into the world July 21st at San Francisco's Kaiser Permanente Medical Center on Geary Blvd. Then on Tuesday, Kate got the terrifying call everyone in the family is now at risk for tuberculosis.

You'd never know the worry in Kate Morgan's heart by looking at her, worry that that little boy that two-and-a-half year old girl, may have tuberculosis.

"I found out yesterday. He is five weeks old, they just found out," said Morgan.

That call came just a few days after Miller had spent three more days in the hospital for what turned out to be nothing, though he received a precautionary spinal tap.

Kate went in for the skin test on Tuesday to find out if she had TB. Mahalia is going to the doctor today.

But for miller, there is no test, so doctors recommend three weeks worth of potentially nausea inducing medication.

"An infant can't be tested for TB so it's a tough call, and all this one in adults can cause liver damage and liver failure, but infant can handle the medicine better," said Morgan.

Still, Kate feels it could be worse.

"There are people who tested positive in the past and if that's the case the kids will be on medication for nine months regardless of age," said Morgan.

Kaiser Permanente said it followed CDC directives and tested its health workers annually. It also said it may change that policy to test them more frequently after the TB scare, but that may not be any immediate consolation to the Moran family.

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