Share thoughts and feelings online

January 28, 2009 12:00:00 AM PST
Wouldn't it be nice if you could share your thoughts and feelings with others, but do it anonymously? There is such a place, and it's called the Experience Project. Armen Berjikly, founder and chief experience officer of the Experience Project, describes an online resource where you can share your dreams, concerns, political views and goals.

About Experience Project:
Imagine a social forum that is completely anonymous where you can safely and honestly connect and communicate with others who share your passion for the same issues and aspects of life - a place where authentic human connection finally occurs on the web - this is Experience Project. Explore over two million life experiences, share your own stories anonymously, and find like-minded people who are open, supportive, and just "get it." The growing community of people who use EP to share their life experiences are the source of the social forum's unique culture, where everyone is welcome, comfortable, and engaged.

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· Experience Project is the largest online forum for anonymously connecting and sharing life experiences with nearly two million experiences ranging from causes to politics to life challenges and dreams.

· People will find honesty because of the anonymous nature of the site.

· People will learn that there is someone out there who understands what they are going through.

· People will walk away with support and comfort in the most challenging times.

About Armen Berjikly
A true visionary, Armen is passionate about building technology that connects people. Now whether that is for the purpose of sharing common interests, rallying support around a cause or simply seeking friendship and human connection is up the user! Experience Project is the crown jewel of Armen's endeavors, bringing all of the skills and wisdom garnered throughout his career into one pioneering social forum that will benefit the lives of millions.

An honors graduate of Stanford University with a Bachelors in Computer Science, Armen's primary research focus was Human-Computer Interaction (can anyone say, shall we play a game?), where he worked closely with professor Clifford Nass, author of the groundbreaking HCI work, The Media Equation. Later, Armen (over-achiever that he has been since birth) went on to obtain a Master's Degree in Management Science and Engineering, also at Stanford, with an emphasis on Organizations, Technology and Entrepreneurship. Armen was also a Mayfield Fellow, a prestigious fellowship that provides intensive training in entrepreneurship in the field of engineering.

Since then, Armen has led numerous successful internet startups including FileDemon - the first meta-search engine for files, Do Everything - the first comparison music shopping engine, and multiple online patient health communities designed to sponsor hope through research and community. Armen's idea for Experience Project came about in response to his support of a friend, which goes to show you what kind of a person Armen is behind the big titles and accolades - a highly ethical, caring individual who wants to use his experience and capabilities to positively impact people's lives.

When Armen isn't building innovating web communities that impact our daily lives (both online and off!), he spends his spare time trying to eat at each and every restaurant in San Francisco (honestly).