Families miss loved ones serving overseas


Rob and Misty Hansen did not put up a Christmas tree this year, they do not plan to until their son comes back home.

"Our tree is still in the box in the garage, our gifts are wrapped in the spare bedroom, we'll have Christmas when he comes home," Misty said.

Their son, 22-year-old Robert Hanson was somewhere in Afghanistan Christmas Day, on the job as an Army infantry soldier. He has been there most of the past year.

"Not having my son is one thing, but not having my best friend is a bigger impact; I want him back," Rob said.

Robert has come a long way from his days at Napa High School to the dangerous mountains of Afghanistan.

Earlier this year he suffered a concussion and other injuries when his vehicle was blown apart. His job is to make sure roads are clear of bombs.

"You have good days and you have bad days, the good days is when I talk to him, the bad days is he's always on my mind, I'm thinking, 'Is he OK, is he eating, is he sleeping," Misty said.

Rob and Misty tried to call their son on Christmas. They talked briefly yesterday but had no luck Friday morning.

"It's OK, I hope we see him soon," Rob said.

"There's a lot of people with loved ones fighting in wars, I think of them all and when he comes home we're going to have Christmas," Misty said.

It looks as if this may end up being Christmas in February for the Hansons when Robert makes it back for some quick time off but then he goes back for a couple of more years of service and uncertain holidays which has become the drill for so many military families.

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