Social Security charges man $180 from 1990

January 27, 2011 7:39:47 PM PST
Imagine hearing from a federal agency that you owe them money from two decades ago. That's what happened to one Concord man.

Bill Sexton was having a very old issue with the social security administration.

"I got a letter in 2009 that they had overpaid me $180 back in 1990," he said.

Now they want their $180 back, and now bill was given an opportunity to seek a waiver and he did and got it -- or at least should have.

"The only things that they would send me back were these letters that said, 'we are not going to take the money,' but I would write them back and say, 'you have already taken the money and I want it refunded,'" he said.

They waived the charge and took the money anyways. Sexton went to the Walnut Creek Social Security office and got everything straightened out. He received more letters, but no refund and he contacted 7 On your side. We quickly went to work and now he has his money back.

"In a way, I am sorry I started this whole thing. I mean this is only part of the paperwork, for this money, I should have just said all right forget it and be done with it," Sexton said. "But $180 is $180.You did great, you did great and I am really happy with it."

Social Security deals with millions of checks each month, and I like knowing they pay attention enough that they want overpayments from 19 years ago.