Traffic fines may rise for a good cause

February 2, 2011 4:37:57 PM PST
The price of a traffic citation may be going up across the board in California, but keep in mind, it would be for a good cause.

There is a recently bill introduced in Sacramento that could be considered both bad and good.

Under the bill, motorists cited for any moving violation would be fined an extra $3 per ticket. It's not just for added punishment, but to raise money for the research of spinal cord injuries.

"We drive fast, some people don't pay attention, there are accidents and one of the societal harms that occurs is people are left paralyzed and we're not doing the research to get these people out of wheelchairs," said Assm. Bob Wiekowski, D-Fremont.

The fund is named for Roman Reed, who suffered a spinal cord injury back in 1994, while he was playing football for Chabot College in Fremont. Just 19 years old at the time, doctors said he was paralyzed for life.