Hospital to Michael Moore: Don't try to visit Scott Olsen


On Saturday, a spokesperson for Highland Hospital told ABC7 News that Olsen, at the request of his insurance carrier, had been transferred to another undisclosed hospital.

The spokesperson also said documentary filmmaker Michael Moore tried to visit Olsen on Saturday. The hospital said the family has asked for Olsen's privacy and asked Moore not to try to visit Olsen and the hospital again.

"We have a very, very polite message to Mr. Moore: Mr. Olsen is not here," the hospital spokesperson said, "and if you do find out where he is, the Olsen family doesn't want you to come there either."

Moore briefly visited the "Occupy San Francisco" camp at Justin Herman Plaza on Saturday, one day after speaking in front of a large crowd of Occupy supporers at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland.

Olsen was injured by a flying projectile when police clashed with Occupy demonstrators Tuesday evening. Oakland police have said they weren't responsible for the projectile that was thrown in Olsen's direction.

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