San Francisco Giants fans gearing up for Fan Fest


Organizers think they have a better plan this year and say they're ready for the crowds. As in years past, the Giants' trophies will be on display. Fans will be also able to take tours of the clubhouse and meet some of the players, but they can expect large crowds and long waits.

Closer Sergio Romo admitted Friday that he gets something out of all of this too. "I still feel like a little kid," he said. "I still really don't believe all this is really happening to myself, personally in my life. To get the reception that I've got in San Francisco since I've been in the city, since I've been able to put on a Giants jersey, it's very motivating really, very fulfilling because I walk out to go warm up and it's like wow, I'm getting a big old cheer."

During Fan Fest 2011, the Giants had won the World Series and the crowds were unbelievable. At one point, some fans who couldn't get in rushed the Second Street gate out of frustration and tried to force their way in. Organizers say they learned from the experience and have made better plans this time.

Giants Senior VP of Communications Staci Slaughter says they've taken efforts to relieve some of the pressure on the building itself. "We put the World Series trophy, the National League Trophy, the World Baseball Classic trophy, the America's Cup trophy, they're going to be all house at Pier 48, which we're calling the 'Trophy Pavilion,'" she said. "So, we're encouraging fans to stop there on their way into Fan Fest or on their way out, and they can get their pictures taken with the trophy. So, we've kind of spread out the footprint."

Organizers hope everyone will spread out and enjoy the entire event, rather than simply making a beeline for the players. The event starts at 10 a.m. Saturday and is expected to last until 3 p.m.

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