New tech highlights final day of Intel forum

The Intel Developers' Forum in San Francisco.

September 12, 2013 7:16:46 PM PDT
Thursday was the final day of the Intel Developers' Forum in San Francisco and the world's largest computer chip maker is looking toward the future.

Dan Busby's company, Two Bit Circus, makes old-school carnival games powered by new-school computers.

Somewhere between the flashing lights and pushing buttons with your nose, it hits you. Games are a lot more fun when you're in them.

It all stands to show how computer technology that used to be trapped behind a piece of glass is now emerging out into the physical world. But making those two worlds blend together, in a way that feels simple, is a task that's actually not simple at all.

David Brebner's company, Unlimited Realities, made a sales kiosk you can talk to and point at. The computer has to know if you're talking to it or to someone else. A lot of the magic lies in tiny sensors, so small and powerful they could soon be in everything.

In a keynote address, Intel even showed sensors so efficient; they can be powered with a glass of wine and others that could be life-changing in public health.