New tech highlights final day of Intel forum


Dan Busby's company, Two Bit Circus, makes old-school carnival games powered by new-school computers.

Somewhere between the flashing lights and pushing buttons with your nose, it hits you. Games are a lot more fun when you're in them.

It all stands to show how computer technology that used to be trapped behind a piece of glass is now emerging out into the physical world. But making those two worlds blend together, in a way that feels simple, is a task that's actually not simple at all.

David Brebner's company, Unlimited Realities, made a sales kiosk you can talk to and point at. The computer has to know if you're talking to it or to someone else. A lot of the magic lies in tiny sensors, so small and powerful they could soon be in everything.

In a keynote address, Intel even showed sensors so efficient; they can be powered with a glass of wine and others that could be life-changing in public health.

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