Police search for Antioch pit bulls' owner


"On a scale of 1 to 10, a 10; these were mean, nasty dogs," victim Brian Morgan said.

The two pit bulls bit through Morgan's jacket on both arms and ripped two gashes in his hand. He was walking his two dogs on this path in Antioch around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday when the pit bulls attacked his dogs.

"So I hit it on the back of the head, and that didn't have any effect except that it upset the other pit bull that came after me," Morgan said.

Morgan's 5-year-old Weimar Reiner also had severe bite wounds. His 13-year-old dog ran away and was later found.

Morgan says if it weren't for the neighbors they'd be in much worse shape.

"I guess it was protecting it's puppy that was under my brother's car," neighbor Chy Fisher said.

Fisher's father hit the female dog with a lawn tool, but he fell and started getting mauled by the larger male. Her younger brother watched it all happen.

"And when he bit his face he clamped on, then my brother kicked the red one and punched the big one and it like ripped," Jeremy Fisher said.

The boy's older brother, who was also bitten, kicked it away, and then jumped on his father's car when the dogs turned on him.

"And then the dog got up with him and he kicked the dog off of the car," Jeremy Fisher said. "He saved my dad."

The battle went on for at least 15 minutes before Antioch police arrived and shot the female twice with a shotgun. The male ran off but was later captured and taken to the pound with the puppy.

Police say the absent dog owner isn't facing any criminal charges, just a fine and the challenge of convincing them his surviving dog is not vicious. If no one claims it within 10 days, the dog will be euthanized.

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