European ban on Americans may be extended as it reopens borders, SFO travelers react to news

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020
European ban on Americans may be extended, SFO travelers react to news
The New York Times reports that the EU is considering banning travelers from the U.S. as it plans to reopen borders amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. The report says Europe has also put Russia and Brazil as possible countries to continue blocking.

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KGO) -- Your European summer vacation might not happen.

The New York Times reports that the European Union is looking at reopening its borders to visitors from other countries on July 1, but not from the United States. The report says Americans may still be banned because of the number of novel coronavirus cases here.

That shocked some travelers at SFO Wednesday morning.

"From what I have heard about us handling the coronavirus, from what I have read from Trump, we have handled it much better than everyone else," said Gary Sims of Missouri.

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"I guess what they do is their own decision. But as a traveler who loves to travel I think it is sad because I don't think there is that much of a risk, said Kim McElhannon of Visalia.

The report says Europe has put the United States on a list of possible countries to continue blocking, along with Russia and Brazil.

"Open it up for us also if they are opening it up for everybody else. Everybody else has the COVID also so why should we be excluded," said Alina Azios of Oahu.

"Don't we have the highest incident rate in the world? So yeah. Plus Trump is blocking Europeans from coming here so paybacks are paybacks right?," said Bruce Mosebar of Honolulu.

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One Italian who was catching a flight home out of SFO Wednesday morning said he thinks Americans should be banned until the curve in the US is flattened.

"I think that's in a way a wise decision from the EU governments because America, compared to for example my country, did not take the necessary precautions," said Mario Disanti.

A spokesperson at SFO said they did not want to comment yet until there is a final decision from the European Union. An announcement is expected next week.

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