VIDEO: Avengers movie magic at San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum

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Saturday, April 28, 2018
Avengers movie magic at SF's Cartoon Art Museum
A reproduction of the Infinity Gauntlet is on display as part of an exhibit on Avengers costumes and props at The Cartoon Museum in San Francisco, CA.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- These days, movie magic is more than just about what happens on screen.

"In the old days, all the costumes and how the film was made was all hidden," said Allan Lavigne, as he installs a reproduction of the Infinity Gauntlet at San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum. "But today, everyone wants to see the costumes in person, how the film was made or how the props were produced. It doesn't seem to take the magic away from them."

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For the past 40 years, Lavigne has been producing costumes and props for television and movies. His work is now on display at the museum as part of the exhibit "The Infinity War Pantheon: The Art of Allan Lavigne and the Bronze Armory."

Among the many items at the exhibit are a torso of an Iron Man suit from the original 2008 movie, a Dr. Strange outfit, a Black Panther mask, Thor's hammer, the Infinity Gauntlet and an Iron Spiderman suit.

"In the actual film, the costume was done in CGI (character generated imagery). So, I had to create a costume from scratch that would work in the real world," said Lavigne, who crafted the Spiderman outfit from a small picture rendering from the movie. He did not get any instructions or specifications from the movie studio.

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Besides working for Hollywood, Lavigne makes reproductions of superheroes for museums and conventions, like Comic Con. He plans to add more costumes to the exhibit over the summer.

His work will remain on display at the Cartoon Art Museum until Labor Day.

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