'Hope it comes': Bay Area homeowners prepare for storms, firefighters close door on wildfire threat

ByCornell Barnard via KGO logo
Monday, November 7, 2022
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Folks in the Bay Area are preparing for a rainy week. Firefighters are cautiously optimistic it could signal an end to fire season in NorCal.

MILL VALLEY, Calif. (KGO) -- Some folks in the Bay Area are getting storm-ready, preparing for a rainy week. Firefighters are cautiously optimistic it could signal an end to fire season in Northern California.

Winds were kicking up outside Goodman Building Supply in Mill Valley Sunday afternoon, where Lenette Lew was on a mission to keep her outdoor furniture dry.

"I do hope it comes and I don't even mind if it rains because it's rain, it helps with watering the plants," Lew said.

The store's 'Rain Room' was ready to serve with everything from boots and tarps to the stuff that stops leaks. Marcus Bartholomew expects to sell out as soon as the first raindrops fall.

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"All the plastic sheeting, all the tarps, shop vacs will go because it will be an oops moment -- 'I've got a leak, got to get the water off the floor,'" Bartholomew said.

The National Weather Service tweeted, widespread rain and the chance of thunderstorms are not the only things in the forecast for this upcoming week. A high surf advisory will be in effect.

"A new storm coming though, we're looking at rain Sunday night, Monday into Tuesday," said Bret McTigue, Mill Valley Fire Department battalion chief.

McTigue is hopeful the storm will close the books on a tinder-dry fire season.

"Any additional rain we get is going to help bring an end to fire season and for us in Northern California," he said.

The fire department honored its volunteer lookouts Sunday -- people who watch for fire from remote stations on Mt. Tamalpias and other areas. Many are happy this year did not see a major wildfire in the Bay Area.

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"The story of the mountain as you look at it is from very green in the spring to very brown and dry until it begins to rain significantly," said Steven Post, volunteer lookout.

Lew is hopeful this season is wetter than the last.

"I hope it continues to rain, and we don't get one blast of rain and then it's dry for the rest of the winter," she said.

Fire officials urge drivers to take it slow on the roads, especially if you're headed to the Sierra.

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