Snow fun or no fun? Bay Area winter weather brings mixed reactions

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Monday, February 27, 2023
Snow fun or no fun? Bay Area weather brings mixed reactions
From skiing on Mount Diablo to traffic backups and soggy boots, people around the Bay Area had different feelings about the winter storms hitting the region.

Rain is continuing in the Bay Area, causing traffic backups, spinouts, and dampening some moods. But the snow in the region's hills and mountains has others rejoicing.

More snow is expected Monday in Tuesday in higher areas and a blizzard warning is in effect in parts of the Sierra until Wednesday at 4 a.m.

TIMELINE: Cold front Monday brings rain, winds and snow with more expected Tuesday

Bumper-to-bumper traffic is what it looked like in parts of the Bay Area on Sunday as rain fell and vehicles spun out along Highway 24 in Lafayette.

"The weather has been terrible. I am soaking wet," said Lily Martin who was visiting San Francisco from Los Angeles when we spoke with her.

Martin and her friends weren't loving anything about this wet weather that caused bridge slowdowns, limited visibility, and worst of all, wet boots.

VIDEO: A look at the best snow videos from rare snowfall across Bay Area

From Wine Country to the Santa Cruz Mountains, snow fell across parts of the Bay Area on Friday. Here's a look at some of the incredible video.

"I'm ready for the next thing. I'm a big beach-type person. I like the sun. This is kind of depressing a little bit to me," said Natasha Busansky.

The recent weather has been anything but depressing for skier Michael Echsner, who shot video Friday of him and a friend skiing not in Tahoe or the Sierra, but on Mount Diablo in the East Bay. The video he posted has racked up more than a million and a half views.

"The joke we made was, hey 80 is closed so we had to find somewhere to go so. Hiked about five miles up from the bottom at Diablo Road up above rock city and found some lines and skied down there a few times," said Michael Echsner.

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As to actual skiing or fun in the Sierra snow, if you didn't go this past weekend, you might be out of luck. Blizzard warnings went into effect Monday morning. Those we talked with said there is already snow everywhere in South Lake.

"There was about at least five feet of snow and some parts where they plow it, it's way taller than me," said Maxwell Mallon who was visiting South Lake Tahoe from Chico. "I think I left at just the perfect time before we got dumped on again and who knows maybe more avalanche control."

VIDEO: SKY7 flies over Bay Area snow-capped mountains, hills

Here's an aerial tour of Mt. Hamilton, Mt. Diablo, other San Francisco Bay Area snow-capped peaks, hills after winter storm,

So with more rain on the way in the Bay and more snow expected to fall in the Sierra, officers and drivers alike are urging caution.

"Drive slow! There was a lot of people going absolutely insane on the gas pedal," said Mallon.

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