Large boulder narrowly misses man, crushes car during rockslide in Malibu, CA

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Thursday, January 12, 2023
Boulder narrowly misses man, crushes car during rockslide in CA
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A big boulder narrowly missed a man and crushed a car during a rockslide in Malibu, California recently.

MALIBU, Calif. -- A man who narrowly missed being hit by a rockslide in Malibu is speaking out after those terrifying moments.

On Monday, Maurice Henao was walking to his car across Pacific Coast Highway outside his home when he stopped to answer his cell phone.

"My girlfriend called me and said 'Hey, can you get my bag that I left there,' so I went back inside, and I heard rumbling outside," Henao said.

That rumbling was a rockslide.

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A giant boulder that came down from the hillside crushed his car, and landed where he would have been sitting if he hadn't stopped to answer his phone.

"That rock is the size of the whole roof. ... could've hurt anybody or killed somebody. I feel like it's almost a 'Final Destination' move, but in real life," he said.

With one car totaled and another damaged, it was hard not to let some catastrophic thoughts of what could have been creep in.

"After the roommate saw what happened to my car, they were a little shook up and a little traumatized and said 'I wonder if this big mountain side is just going to come into the whole house,'" Henao said. "They saw what happened to the car and they were worried that maybe some rocks are going to go rolling through the house and we're going to end up in the Pacific or something. So we were all a little worried last night."

However, Henao is handling the scare with good humor and is hoping to extend his luck.

"I feel like I should play the Lotto," he said.