Deer Zone Fires in Contra Costa County quickly grow to 1,100 acres, 0% contained

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020
Fires in Contra Costa County expand to 1,100 acres
Brush fires burning southwest of Brentwood in Contra Costa County quickly exploded to 1,100 acres overnight, with zero containment.

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- Firefighters worked overnight to tackle the four wildfires that make up the Deer Complex Fire burning near Brentwood.

"We still have homes threatened over the Morgan Territory Road and the Marsh Creek Road area," explains Fire Marshal Steve Aubert of the East Contra Costa County Fire Protection District.

That threat forced mandatory evacuations on Sunday night along Marsh Creek Road between Bragdon Way and Deer Valley Road. And, along Morgan Territory Road south of Marsh Creek in Brentwood.

VIDEO: Timelapse video shows Deer Zone fire burning in East Bay

Timelapse video captured smoke billowing from the Deer Complex burning in the East Bay.

"It's a scary process. Did you bring enough stuff? Get you get the important stuff? And, of course, the pets and all that," says Deborah Shea, who had to evacuate.

The Deer Complex Fire was started by Sunday morning's lightening. Fire officials say the fire unexpectedly changed directions due to the wind, which prompted the evacuations.

Fire Marshall Aubert says his fire crews were lucky that more lightening on Sunday night didn't spark more fires. Aubert says fire crews have been able to hold the line and that it is unlikely the fire will reach any nearby cities. However, he says containment will depend on the wind and overall weather conditions.

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"High humidity, which both helps, but it also hurts because it helps with the moisture content, but also hurts because the fire fighters are working in these types of conditions," says Aubert.

Fire officials hope to launch aerial operations on Monday afternoon.

As of late Monday morning, there are no reports of any injury to any residents and no homes burned. One fire fighter, however, was treated for a heat-related injury.