Working from home? This SF startup is designing desks that can be tucked away when the work day is over

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Friday, November 20, 2020
Working from home? SF company designing innovative hideaway desks
With more thanks to more than 40 percent of people now working from home, there's demand for stand-up desks and workspaces.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A Bay Area based startup ABC7 News featured earlier this year which makes bed and storage units that tuck neatly away into a ceiling or wall is now experiencing exceptional growth thanks to a rise in people working from home.

We first met Sankarshan Murthy, co-founder and CEO of Bumblebee Spaces, back in February as he showed us a showroom model of his company's products.

With more thanks to more than 40 percent of people now working from home, there's demand for stand-up desks and workspaces.

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Murthy met ABC7's Dion Lim at a new condo building in San Francisco's Dogpatch neighborhood, 2177 Third, which just launched in September.

They've partnered with Bumblebee on installing their modular units as upgrades which make smaller 500-square foot studio options feel much bigger.

"We love what Bumblebee is doing," said Brielle Kuhn, who handles marking for 2177 Third. "They are a great local SF innovator. As a premium offering over the competitive landscape we explored the many ways so to differentiate our homes."

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The cost to install a module starts around $10,000. But it's a cost real estate agents say can be a good investment, especially during these economic times.

"It's money well spent, doing a nice, creative improvement to your home" said Jason Tam, an agent with Cororan.

He believes the way people are choosing to live now in the pandemic is going to drive demand.

"I'm seeing clients trying to find spaces of their own and move out of a roommate situation and with rates being low now they see homeownership within grasp," Tam said.

Meantime, New York based Ori is selling a space saving "pocket office" to real estate developers that's a shelf that opens into a desk. The option will be available, along with other products from their Space Saving Solutions line, at the now under construction 1900-Broadway apartments in Oakland.

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So far, two Bumblebee modules have already been purchased for new 2177 Third owners. Murthy hopes their product will one day be more cost-effective and within reach for all.

You can learn more about Bumblebee Spaces here and Ori here.

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