Preps are underway for a Bay Area first known as 'Canna-Crawl'

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Oaksterdam University, a cannabis college in Oakland, is organizing "Canna-Crawl". It kicks off tomorrow.

Aseem Sappal is the dean of the University.

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He says, "We've decriminalized it in that sense and that gives the people and the community a way to have the opportunity to have events such as this."

Just this January, California legalized recreational adult use of marijuana, without a medical card.

But back in 2012, D-E-A agents raided Oaksterdam and temporarily shut it down.

Canna-Crawl is a way to celebrate progress.

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Now, all kinds of businesses around Telegraph Avenue are getting involved.

Sarah Ceti is an art curator and has set up a collection near the University.
She says, "everybody is impacted by it and I think it's awesome the businesses and restaurants are getting involved because it shows their support."

Meantime, specific bracelets given to Canna-Crawl attendees offer discounts at participating businesses.

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At Harborside Dispensary, on 4/20 they'll offer deep discounts.

Thomas Scott plans to attend Canna-Crawl. "It's gonna be a fun time along with everybody getting a little high so it's not like everyone getting drunk and crazy."

Smokie Arce is an artist and will be displaying her paintings at two locations tomorrow. She says, "It's not a dangerous thing, we're not out here in the streets going wild or anything like that."

Still, many law enforcement agencies plan to add patrols Friday.

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