'Celebrity Jeopardy!' finale to feature Rocca, Walter, Nolan vying for $1M charity prize

ByGeorge Pennacchio OTRC logo
Tuesday, January 23, 2024
'Celebrity Jeopardy!' finalists buzz in for $1 million prize
This week's finale of 'Celebrity Jeopardy!' will feature Mo Rocca, Lisa Ann Walter and Katie Nolan buzzing in for the $1 million prize for charity.

LOS ANGELES -- This season of "Celebrity Jeopardy!" started with 27 players. We are now down to three.

Lisa Ann Walter, Katie Nolan and Mo Rocca each have a million reasons to be excited for the show's finale and facing off against that buzzer.

"I think what surprised me the most is how difficult it is to buzz in," said Nolan.

Walter agreed. "That buzzer is not for sissies."

"It's a combination of fun and a little nerve-wracking," said Rocca.

It hasn't been an easy run for any of them but they all say keeping their charities at the top of mind helped them get through the competition.

The top prize: $1 million for their charity. We caught up with the trio while they had fun during rehearsals before the final show taped.

"My charity is the Association for Women in Sports Media," said Nolan. "They help facilitate helping other women into sports media."

"Inner-City Scholarship Fund," said Rocca. "It's helped 9,000 kids at this point."

"Abbott Elementary" star Walter is playing for the Entertainment Community Fund, which helps all branches of the Hollywood community.

She said it's her lifelong competitive streak that helped get her here.

"I feel like having gotten here, I made it. But would I love to win? Absolutely... I'm competitive," said Walter. "My best friend has game night. I got kicked out of it. I was a little aggressive."

"Celebrity Jeopardy!" wraps up Tuesday night on ABC.

Note to viewers: The clips in the video above are from rehearsals. Individual winning prize amounts displayed are not necessarily indicators of the finale's actual result.