Ghost Ship Fire: Witness describes what it was like inside warehouse

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Witness Jennifer Turner described moving into what she claims was described to her as a "surrealist pirate theater" known at the time as Satya Yuga in 2014.

Turner told the jury she only stayed three weeks. She described frequent yelling.

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"Derek and Micah screaming at each other," she said.

Defendant Derek Almena calmly listened as she described fears about fire safety.

Turner said, "The electric-everything was run on extension cords, run on the ceiling. There were a lot of flammable materials. These junk piles upstairs with more wood scraps. I started sleeping in the car so I didn't have to go inside the warehouse."

Tony Serra, Derek Almena's attorney, said, "She doesn't know anything about what the facility was and the noise level was in 2016 at the time of the fire. Maybe she's not a very credible person. There's information she was using another person's ID and credit card."

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Next on the stand was sculptor Jose Avalos who lived inside an RV inside the ghost ship for two years and stored his flammable art supplies there.

Tyler Smith, Max Harris' attorney, said, "He and Max were friends, still are friends. Jose was there that night."

In fact Avalos talked to ABC7 News right after the fire.

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"I only saw one person confused and lost. I tried to guide her out as best I could."

In court Avalos talked about that moment, tears streaming down his face as he told the jury about a young girl with blonde hair. He said she looked scared and was walking in a circle. She didn't follow him out. Many in the jury were crying.

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Moments like that are tough on the friends and family of the victims. Many of them coming to court and listening to the testimony every day.

Like fire victim Jason McCarthy's partner, "We're all here to bear witness and keep the memories of our loved ones alive."

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