Paralyzed dog receives new mobility device designed by Bay Area elementary, high school students

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Wednesday, June 10, 2020
Paralyzed dog receives new mobility device designed by Bay Area students
Harold the therapy dog received his new mobility device designed and created by students at Up Academy and Mountain View High School.

SAN MATEO, Calif. (KGO) -- In October, we introduced you to Harold, a paralyzed therapy dog in San Mateo.

Bay Area elementary and high school students have been working on a way to get Harold up and moving since that time and they have finished their project.

We were there when Harold received his new set of wheels this week.

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The paralyzed pup is the ambassador of UP Academy in San Mateo who doesn't let his lack of mobility ruin his attitude.

"He is the happiest and most smiley dog," Up Academy Founder Tanya Sheckley said.

And now, you can add speedy.

After a year of work, Harold received this fiberglass sleeve with wheels designed by Up Academy students and developed by the Mountain View High School Capstone Engineering class.

The students ended up with a device nicknamed "the dinosaur," a fiberglass sleeve with a set of skateboard wheels.

"It was really neat. Definitely tricky, definitely some parts where we weren't sure what we needed to do, but it's really cool to see what happened at the end," Mountain View High School student Sasha Keck said.

"Being able to give him something to put him at the same level of every other dog's experience is really meaningful," Mountain View High School student Sabina Davis said. "I myself don't have a dog, but I love dogs and think they're really great. With the concept of them being our companion, we should be able to treat them with the same love that we treat ourselves."

Sheckley and her family rescued Harold around a year ago after he was left on the side of the road.

He became the ambassador of the classroom and the students were determined to help him out.

ABC7 News visited the class in October when students used different materials to come up with a design for the high schoolers to create.

Helping him with mobility was a benefit for Harold and the students alike.

"This project has really given all of our students, from kindergarten 5-year-olds to our third grade 9-year-olds, the opportunity to really see how the things that they're learning can make a difference and influence the world around them," Sheckley said.

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The students were there to give Harold his wheels and they were proud of their work..

"Harold's new wheels are terrific," Up Academy student Alejandro said.

"I think Harold is happy because he's running around and eating grass and he looks like he's enjoying it," Up Academy student Keller Sheckley said.

"It doesn't matter if we like it or not, it matters if he likes it," Up Academy student Breda Sheckley said.

If it wasn't good enough to see the happiness on Harold's face, there will be more happy dogs as a result of this design in the future.

"I think that one of the greatest things about the project was that they developed a website so they can share the information and the knowledge with other people around the country and around the world. Not only will Harold have a smile, but dogs all over the world will get a smile on their face."

Helping man's best friend one smile at a time.

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