How shoppers will feel the impact of supply chain issues this holiday

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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Supply chain issues mean fewer discounts, products on shelves
You could be both paying more and spending more time shopping this holiday to find the gifts you want because of supply chain issues.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The experts have been telling us for weeks that we need to shop early. We wondered how early is "early," and what items are most likely to be in short supply.

One of the many container ships stuck in the harbor and waiting to unload just may have the gift that tops your wish list. Truckers also can't wait to get your present to its destination. And manufacturers would love to get your goodies into the stores for you to make that purchase.

But the supply chain issue is causing a bottleneck at each of these points.

Financial educator Lynette Khalfani-Cox of Ask The Money Coach says all of this will trickle down to the consumer.

"The fact is we are going to see in many cases certain goods just out of stock, certain holiday toys will be flying off the shelves," she said.

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Unfortunately that could mean some disappointed children this holiday season.

Marissa Silva is editor of The Toy Insider.

"So once those toys are now in stock, the problem is once that initial supply sells through, we're not guaranteed to see a restock hitting shelves in time for the holiday season," Silva warned.

So what can you do? You've heard this before, but: shop early.

"I think that you absolutely should already have started. And if you haven't started now as of mid to late October, the sooner the better," said Khalfani-Cox.

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"The best thing you can do is to shop early and shop often. And as soon as you see that toy on your kids wish list, grab it," Silva said.

Khalfani-Cox also suggests checking price comparison apps such as Price Grabber and Honey which will also have inventory information.

Unfortunately, once you find the item you want, you may have to pay more for it.

"They're saying that discounts are going to be much fewer and far between this holiday shopping season," she said.

She says not to expect huge price drops the last week of Christmas. She predicts the biggest discounts will come on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but that free shipping offers will be less frequent.

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Here's what Adobe holiday forecast predicts will be in short supply.

  • Name brand electronics such as smart phones, televisions and laptops
  • Clothing items may be hard to find including holiday formal wear
  • Sporting goods may be in short supply
  • Baby and toddler products

In the toy category, Silva of the Toy Insider predicts Pokemon's 25th anniversary card game will be hard to come by.

So will another blast from the past, Tamagotchi. The updated version can now even take photos.

Finally there's Beyblade, a spinning top game.

"So kids collect these little spinning tops. They battle them inside this arena," Silva explained.

She suggests parents stay away from third-party sites where sellers will jack up prices twice above the suggested retail price unless you absolutely have to have something.

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