Tech expert: Apple's apology and battery deal were smart moves

CUPERTINO, Calif. (KGO) -- After outrage over the intentional throttling of older iPhones' speeds to prevent shutdowns, Apple sent out an apology on their website. A tech expert says this, along with a deal on new batteries was a good move for the tech giant.

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"It's a little frustrating," said Susan Siep, who paid $79 for a new battery for her iPhone 6. "Sometimes the phone would just drop."

She is encouraged by Apple's apology for the intentional slow down of older phones and its offer to sell new batteries for $29.

"I'm glad they came out and kind of admitted it," Siep added.

Another iPhone user wasn't so impressed. "I think it's kind of shady that they didn't tell the public what they're doing," said Austin Theobald. "But I'm glad it's been found out and they're remedying it."

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In a statement, Apple said, "First and foremost, we have never and would never do anything to intentionally shorten the life of an Apple product or downgrade the user experience to drive customer upgrades."

CNET News Executive Editor Ian Sherr says Apple now has to rebuild consumer trust. "They are primarily a consumer company and so what they have to contend with now is that they have broken trust on a level with their consumers, and potential customers," he said. "And they have to repair that somehow."

He says dropping the price of battery replacements is a good step. "Lowering the cost of a replacement, doing the right things as much as they can by their customers -- I think there are people out there that would like it to be free," Sherr told ABC7 News.

It's not clear what will become of lawsuits already filed against the company or if Apple's latest move will make a difference.

Sherr says it's ultimately up to the millions of customers who use Apple products.

Click here to read Apple's full statement.
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