Job Hunting with Jobina: Coronavirus pandemic has you looking for a job? Indeed can help

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- The entire country has seen the temporary closures, permanent shutdowns, and, unfortunately, the unemployment numbers keep going up.

Indeed's data shows since May 1, job postings in the San Francisco Bay Area are growing 41 percent slower than last year.

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"It's tough," Paul Wolfe, Indeed Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources, said. "I always tell everyone I come in contact with to keep your resume updated whether you're going to look or not because you never know."

According to Indeed, there are still more than 34,000 available jobs posted for the Bay Area right now.

Wolfe said software engineer, senior software engineer, retail sales associate, customer service rep and delivery driver are the most popular job postings in the Bay Area on their platform.

Indeed has launched a new online guide for job seekers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

"On the Indeed resume, if you've uploaded your resume, you can put the hashtag #readytowork and that will signify to clients or employers that these folks or this person is looking to get to work right away. (That) has really been important to retailers, grocery store chains, and delivery companies. They're looking to hire immediately. They need to staff up quickly."

Video interviews may not be familiar to some job seekers, but in the age of the coronavirus, candidates should expect one.

"They should prepare for that interview like they would any interview," Wolfe said. "Make sure their camera works and audio works beforehand."

Wolfe also advises job seekers to have patience, tap into your network and be flexible.


The California Professional Group is looking for an entry level medical office billing assistant. Remote work is available. You can make anywhere from $11 to $20 an hour, and among other requirements, a high school diploma is required.

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