Man arrested for disturbing, antisemitic threats to US senator stemming from Israel-Hamas conflict

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Monday, October 30, 2023
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LAS VEGAS -- A Las Vegas man was arrested last week after making disturbing, antisemitic threats to a U.S. senator in Nevada that appear tied to the lawmakers' support of Israel amid its war with Hamas, according to newly unsealed court documents.

John Anthony Miller, 43, allegedly began making the calls to the unnamed female senator on Oct. 11, four days after Israel's war with Hamas began.

"All these f**g lies is in your f**g hands.. and I'm gonna f**g see you soon," Miller allegedly said in an Oct. 17 voicemail to the senator's office. "You just f**g woken up a motherf**g monster, you f**g piece of s**, un-human, subhuman, you're vermin... we're gonna finish what Hitler started."

He continued, "You done picked your side b**h and you done chose evil. I don't give a f** if you were born into it or not."

While the senator is not named in the complaint, Sen. Jacky Rosen is Jewish, and Miller's threats repeatedly seek to tie the lawmaker's support for Israel to what he says is her Jewish background.

On Oct. 18, prosecutors said Miller also arrived at the Lloyd D. George Courthouse in Las Vegas, where he said he was going to see the senator. After he was refused entry, he began shouting he would "kill every last Israeli terror-f**g-ist" while walking down the boulevard.

Prosecutors attached the following screenshot showing Miller to their criminal complaint: