Friendship, photography and NBA Finals: Warriors' Jordan Poole and Bay Area photographer's bond

Jimenez explained, when he was a teen battling depression, he picked up a camera to help him view life through a different lens.

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Thursday, June 2, 2022
A look at Warriors' Jordan Poole, Bay Area photographer's bond
Here's a look at a friendship between Warriors star Jordan Poole and Bay Area photographer Jordan Jimenez ahead of the NBA Finals on ABC.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- There's no doubt the Golden State Warriors fans have captured some pivotal moments this NBA season.

A local photographer is in the spotlight, after his passion for capturing pictures has helped him create a friendship with Warriors shooting guard, Jordan Poole.

"Shout out to Jordan," Poole told ABC7 News when asked about his friendship with photographer Jordan Jimenez. "That's just a really good friend of mine who happens to be extremely elite behind the camera."

Poole and Jimenez met at a training facility three years ago, when he was hired to capture photos of trainer Packie Turner's clients.

They've since built a friendship, they've bonded over photography and more, and they've become rising stars in their own respects.

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This NBA season, they've even established a working relationship. Jimenez said he's Poole's personal photographer and story teller, and has taken thousands of photos of everything basketball and beyond.

"The travels, the hikes," Jimenez said. "Just whatever we decide to do on a particular day. We have everything documented just for our sake."

Jimenez admitted he has had no professional training.

"I didn't take a class. I read one book, it was called like, 'Beginners Photography Guide,'" he recalled. "And that was really it."

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Jimenez explained that back in 2015, when he was a teenager battling depression, he picked up a camera to help him view life through a different lens.

Since then, he's worked on his craft and says he's blessed to capture such monumental moments courtside.

"Every time I click the shutter, that's my heart literally beating," Jimenez described. "Because I put everything that I have into photography. That's my heart and soul."

For Jimenez and Poole, their relationship is real on and off the court, regardless of any celebrity status or social media following.

"We're kind of doing something different," Poole told ABC7 News. "In our own little lane. And I don't know, man, it's just really special."

And it all comes from a foundation of trust.

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Jimenez explained because of their bond, they're able to push each other creatively and come out on top.

"Not doing anything too crazy, not trying too hard," he described. "It's really like just having those goofy moments."

Beyond the bond, Jimenez prides himself on working for what he has.

"Although I might not be the most talented person in the world, I know I'm gonna work harder than most people. And that's kind of where my confidence comes from," he said.

Jimenez described himself as a lifelong Warriors fan.

"Me and my mom would go to the games all the time when the tickets were super cheap," he said. "You'd get a ticket for $12 including a hot dog and chips."

Having watched the growth and success of the Warriors organization, Jimenez said he understands the privilege.

"Being able to experience all these people who are super talented and are really making a difference in the world is a blessing. Just because for me, I feel pretty regular," he added. "And for me, I'm really just playing my role in helping tell all of these athletes' stories and helping out where I fit in and everything."

"As regular as I might be, I'm still telling my story," Jimenez continued.

He said photography right now is everything to him. Beyond working with Poole, he also has additional projects on the side.

Jimenez hopes his work makes a positive impact on the world, and on peoples' lives.

"A lot of people tend to have that fear of just like failing and not being able to really accomplish their goals and get to their dream," he said about aspiring photographers. "And that kind of immobilizes them. So for me, I'd say the biggest thing is just start."

Friendship, photography- and up next, the NBA Finals.

"One of my big goals was to be able to shoot, first of all, an entire season. And then second of all, go to the NBA Finals and document history," Jimenez said.

When asked if Jimenez would be willing to travel if Poole was on another team, he answered, "I mean, I hope he doesn't go anywhere else. But if he does, yes."

Jimenez said he's dedicated to documented Poole's life.

"I think his story is worth telling, and you know he's just a very good person and a very good human being. So, he's one of the very few people in the world that I would work super hard for and just really do anything for," he said.

He and Poole hope to one day look back on decades of photos, stories and shared experiences while understanding their unwavering support of one another is part of the big picture.

"We've been friends for a long time," Jimenez said. "Let's just tell both of our stories at the same time and build together and just see what that looks like."

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