Keanu Reeves shares SF highlights during 'Matrix Resurrections' film premiere at Castro Theatre

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Sunday, December 19, 2021
Keanu Reeves shares SF highlights during 'Matrix' premiere in SF
Saturday night San Francisco went green to honor the premiere of the anticipated "Matrix Resurrections" movie starring Keanu Reeves.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Roll out the green carpet and look up at the green lights. Saturday night San Francisco went green to honor the premiere of the anticipated "Matrix Resurrections" movie.

"San Francisco brings back a lot of memories as soon as I came back! It's crazy," said Priyanka Chopra-Jonas who plays the character "Sati" on the film.

Even Mayor London Breed has a short cameo on the film.

"It's my dream to have Matrix and other Hollywood films come to San Francisco film but also become embedded in what makes San Francisco so special," said Mayor Breed.

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'The Matrix 4' film production is underway throughout parts of San Francisco, as excited fans gathered around the Financial District to get a glimpse of the massive explosions and special effects.

The top secret filming of the Matrix began in 2020 in San Francisco under the code name "Project Ice Cream" making tonight's premiere a full circle moment.

Luz Pena: "The film started in San Francisco right before the pandemic."

Ellen Hollman: "We got so lucky. We actually wrapped right as the world was shutting down."

Back in 2020 images of Keanu Reeves jumping off a 46 story building 19 times went viral.

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Luz Pena: "What would you say was the highlight of shooting this film in San Francisco?"

Keanu Reeves: "Walking the streets, the lights and leaping off that building. That was a pretty big highlight."

One of Keanu's biggest fans is our very own former Giants player Hunter Pence.

Luz Pena: "Are you inviting Keanu to the ball park?"

Hunter Pence: "Of course. Pretty sure there is an open invitation for Keanu at the ballpark"

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"I ran into a couple of folks. It was nice."

Pence and his wife shared how the Matrix inspired him throughout his career.

"I would do all of my interviews thinking I was Morpheus posture. This is the first time I've mentioned that to anyone," said Pence.

Even though we couldn't connect Keanu and Pence, Keanu had a message for him after that ball park invitation.

"Thanks man!" said Reeves.

The Matrix Resurrections is about bringing characters back together.

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"We had our parents pass away and we both went into different ways to process grief and one of the ways I processed my grief was that I brought two characters back to life. It was really comforting and soothing to have Neo and Trinity alive again," said Lana Wachowski, director, producer and writer for the Matrix.

This film also brought together a diverse cast

Luz Pena: "As a Latina to be part of this what does it mean?"

Erendira Ibarra: "I think every production should look like the world. That is something Lana has always worked really hard for."

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Now that the fourth film is coming out, we had to ask.

Luz Pena: "Do you think there's going to be fifth Matrix?"

Keanu Reeves: "That I can't say!"

Now the question on everybody mind is will there be a 5th Matrix? Well that remains to be seen but tonight we definitely took the red pill and brought you the latest.