Family-owned Maui Bees produces artisanal honey on the slopes of Haleakala

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Friday, August 12, 2022
Take a tour of Maui Bees and taste pure artisanal honey
Honey might not come to mind when you think of Maui. But it definitely should.

MAUI, Hawaii (KGO) -- Honey might not come to mind when you think of Maui, but it definitely should. Maui Bees in Kula allows visitors to experience the true art of beekeeping, plus discover how the company's artisanal honey is made.

"It takes three to 9 million flower visits for one pound. So, you're looking at 18 million flower visits for that six-pound frame of honey," said Mark Damon, the co-founder of Maui Bees. "Don't bother them when they're out there. They're busy."

Mark and his wife, Leah, are also busy bees. They're committed to making pure, unfiltered, and raw honey using a 100% cold process. This ensures the honey stays below room temperature, which helps it retain its quality and nutrients over time.

In addition to harvesting 25,000 pounds of honey per year, Maui Bees also offers educational tools to share what goes into the making.

"Most people don't understand why the bees make honey," said Damon. "The reason is because they go through the winter in an active state, they do not hibernate. And in order to do that, they have to metabolize the honey that they collect during the summer. They burn that honey during the winter to keep warm, they keep it 98 degrees inside the hive."

Bees are an essential part of our agriculture, pollinating many fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Maui Bees urges everyone to be kind to bees, as they are important to the health and prosperity of our ecosystems.

For more information about bees and Maui Bee honey, visit here.

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