HOMECOMING: Officials announce Metallica, San Francisco Symphony to be first event at Chase Center

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The first concert at the Chase Center in San Francisco will be local legends Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony.

On Monday, within sight of the up and soon-arriving Chase Center, a large crowd gathered for an answer in the form of an announcement.

"Today, we are here to answer the question that has been asked more than any other in the next few months," said Warriors COO Rick Welts.

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It has to do with who plays first, and we're not talking basketball. Instead, on Sep. 6, look for a musical marriage of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and Metallica.

The Warriors wanted a one-of-kind, only in SF event-- hence this coming reprise a 20-year-old Grammy Award-winning classic known affectionately as "S&M," which stands for Symphony and Metallica. Both the orchestra and band regard this as a symbolic homecoming.

"It is a beautiful opportunity and we are super proud that after 38 years there are still cool things like this on the horizon for us," said James Hetfield of Metallica.

The lingering question has to do with traffic. How will San Francisco handle 18,000 additional people for events?

Welts said they had a very large transportation plan.

"We want people to rely on public transportation more than ever to get in and out of the area," said Mayor London Breed.

We asked if there is a plan for that.

"We're working on it as we speak," Mayor Breed answered.

Both the city and the Warriors say they have done plenty of anticipating, and left room for adjustments. And, that is where the Chase Center stands at 172 days until opening and counting.

On Saturday ABC7's "After the Game" was the first broadcast ever done from the Chase Center, and it couldn't have been a more fitting night for the occasion - The Warriors beat the Thunder and clinched a playoff birth for the seventh consecutive season. (That's a franchise record, by the way!)

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