San Jose's Molly Cuevas running down home stretch after second month finished

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Friday, June 7, 2019
San Jose's Molly Cuevas running down home stretch
San Jose's Molly Cuevas has been running across the country to raised funds and awareness for Challenged Athletes Foundation. She's now completed two months of her journey across the U.S. and we got an update from her on the road.

OHIO (KGO) -- The Miles by Molly journey is on the downhill stretch.

On April 1, San Jose native Molly Cuevas began her three-month, 3,000 mile journey across the United States to help raise funds and awareness for the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

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Molly hit some injury speed bumps during her first month of running.

This month brought along new challenges as well as new adventures.

"Been through a lot and I just have a little bit more to go," Cuevas said. "So close, yet so far."

Add seven more states to the Miles by Molly journey across the United States.

Through Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and now in Ohio.

But, she ran into historic weather issues that certainly caused issues on her journey.

"The Midwest has been up and down weather-wise," Cuevas said. "There's been a crazy amount of rain and so much flooding."

Deadly tornadoes in Missouri caused a scare for Cuevas and her mother in May.

Thankfully she was alright and able to continue her run.

She similarly avoided disaster soon after while crossing the border into Illinois.

"The bridge over the Mississippi going from Missouri to Illinois was at risk of being closed down because the water was so high," Cuevas said. "A police officer that had been seeing us for the past couple of days was waiting at the bridge for us. He actually closed the bridge on the Missouri side and allowed us to cross into Illinois. Luckily we did it that day, because the water level got even higher and they closed the bridge down."

This was just one instance of a great memory that Cuevas will take from her cross-country run.

Another was taking a detour from her route to visit the exact kind of athlete that she is running 3,000 miles for.

"We drove to Indianapolis to the NCAA Headquarters and met with CAF Athlete Landis Sims and his mother Amanda," Cuevas said. "Landis is an incredible athlete. He's 13-years-old and was born without hands and legs. He still plays basketball and baseball and excels at those two sports."

Cuevas and Sims toured the NCAA Headquarters and even had some fun with various games on site, a much needed break for her given her grueling trek.

It was also a much needed boost spiritually as well.

"It was great to meet with him, talk with him and hear his story," Cuevas said. "It was great timing because it really motivated me as I am getting towards the end of my journey. It also reminded me why I'm raising money and how much donations will impact other people's lives."

The journey is set to end June 29.

However, just because she is on the downhill slide, Cuevas still needs the support emotionally and financially for CAF.

"I am 52% to my goal of $50,000," Cuevas said. "We have another month to try and get that up to 100%, so please consider donating. Thank you to everyone that has been following along my journey. I'm in the home stretch right now and your support has really helped me get to this point. I can't wait to follow-up when I'm done!"

If you'd like to donate to the cause and follow along with Molly's journey, you can on Instagram, Facebook and her website.

ABC7 will be providing updates throughout her journey.