BART to continue pilot program to discourage people from urinating in elevators

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A pilot program to discourage people from urinating inside BART elevators at two of San Francisco stations is going so well, officials say they are extending the program.

You can expect to see elevators attendants through next year.

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You may remember, MUNI and BART joined forces earlier this year after getting major complaints from customers at the Civic Center and Powell Street stations about drug use and elevators being used as bathrooms.

The elevator attendant pilot program was supposed to last six months, but now it's being extended through November 2019.

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Elevator attendants make sure elevators are clean and usable while also pointing people who need a restroom in the right direction, said BART on its website.

"This program is amazing on so many levels," said Paula Fraser, Assistant Chief Transportation Officer for BART's downtown San Francisco lines. "These workers are from the community, they're helping our patrons, and they're improving the quality of life in our stations, which benefits everyone."

The pilot is meant to address elevator cleanliness, safety, security, availability and accessibility issues.
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