EXCLUSIVE: Nancy Pelosi's granddaughter shares excitement after CA rep. regains Speaker's gavel

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- California Representative Nancy Pelosi regained the Speaker's gavel on Thursday, but it was her granddaughter who stole the show.

As the votes came in for Pelosi to become House Speaker, no one was more excited than Bella Kaufman.

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Each time a vote was announced for her grandmother, the 9-year-old would bounce, clap or shout.

"I'm just excited that my grandma is going to be Speaker and now she's Speaker," Bella said.

Twitter took notice, with many saying her grandmother may have gotten the gavel but Bella stole the show.

"I tried to celebrate as much as I could. But I didn't realize how crazy," she said.

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Bella and her mother, Christine Pelosi, chair of California's Democratic Women's Caucus, stepped out of their family celebratory dinner to chat with ABC7 News' Kristen Sze exclusively via Facetime.

Christine says leading up to the mid-terms, Bella had volunteered daily as a campaign worker. So this was also her moment.

Christine tweeted another special moment - the most powerful woman in the U.S. fixing her granddaughter's hair, just before making history.

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"It's like a grandma thing. Of course they're like, that's interesting. That's a good start. But I'm going to re-brush your daughter's hair, for you," Christine said.

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