Bay Area heat wave hits Day 7 as many still seeking relief from hot weather

ByCornell Barnard KGO logo
Monday, July 8, 2024 11:56AM
Bay Area heat wave hits Day 6 as many still seeking relief
As the extreme heat wave continues, many folks across the Bay Area are waiting for the prolonged hot spell to end.

SONOMA, Calif. (KGO) -- It's day seven of our extreme heat wave and many folks across the Bay Area are waiting for the prolonged hot spell to end.

About 100 people braved the hot weather to enjoy a free concert at Sonoma Plaza Sunday. Shady spots were taken but seats in the direct sun were up for grabs.

Albert and Amy Lin were visiting Sonoma from Los Altos armed with water and a fan to keep cool. They want the long heat wave to be over already.

"It's too hot for me, steaming hot. You feel dizzy and you really cannot do anything," said Amy Lin.

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Water misters were keeping guests cool at the Roche Family Vineyards tasting room.

"It's been pretty darn hot," said Tom Dusenbery from Roche Family Vineyards.

Dusenbery says the extreme heat has been tough for his staff but it hasn't kept wine lovers away.

"We do have an air-conditioned tap room where we can accommodate guests. It's amazing. Some people want to tough it out and sit in the heat," Dusenbery said.

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In the East Bay, dogs were hydrating near a hiking trail at Walnut Creek Open Space. The area is reopening this weekend after being closed for several days due to high fire danger.

Rick Isaacs was getting early walk in with his dog.

"The real danger of the high temps, not so much for me, but it really affects the dogs," Isaacs said.

At the Walnut Creek Farmer's Market, Reina Uakoub had a mental checklist for beating the heat. Of course, lemonade is number one.

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"The pool and sunscreen definitely," Uakoub said.

"Cheers to the heatwave," said two friends.

Back in Sonoma, we found these friends from New Orleans actually toasting to our warm weather.

"It's very pleasant. We're enjoying your heat wave. Being from New Orleans with the humidity, this has been wonderful," said Rhoda Blaum.

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