Rent a chicken? North Bay business grants urban ranchers a way to do so

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Monday, July 25, 2022
Rent-a-chicken? In the Bay Area, you can
North Bay business allows urban ranchers to rent hens and chicken coops for their backyards.

SEBASTOPOL, Calif. (KGO) -- In the North Bay, if you've ever dreamed of raising chickens, a new business venture can make those feathered dreams come true for as long as you'd like.

Hens are now for rent on-demand complete with delivery, even a coop.

There's been a lot to cluck about on Eric Strother's urban farm in Sebastopol.

"They're very lovable," said Strother.

He's talking about the ladies in his henhouse.

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"They all have unique personalities," he added.

All those pecking personalities are now available to rent.

"I'd been looking for something fun in this world of side hustles," Strother said.

Strother, who works by day as an archeologist, has launched

A chance for folks across the Bay Area to become temporary at-home chicken ranchers.

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"I figured this was a good opportunity for people to try it out. If they like it, having hens and stuff, can set up the stuff and they can start their own set up later," Strother said.

Strother will personally deliver a chicken coop and two egg-laying hens anywhere in the Bay Area.

There are some pre-screening questions to make sure you and your rent-a-hens are a good fit.

"Do you have a dog? Is your yard fenced in?" he said.

All the hens have names from Betty to Gertrude and Etta.

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"I thought what a better way to have fresh eggs everyday," said Kelly Cytron from San Francisco.

Cytron rented her coop and hens two months ago.

"They have character and personality, super smart -- they escaped from the yard into the neighbors yard," she said.

The hens are available for one to three month rentals, prices range from $175 to $475. The hens are also available for purchase.

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