San Francisco threatens to yellow tag Millennium Tower

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The city is threatening to yellow tag San Francisco's leaning, sinking and cracking Millennium Tower if the homeowners association doesn't act fast.

The attorney for the Homeowners Association says she received a letter from the city filled with new demands at noon Wednesday.

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San Francisco's Department of Building Inspections has three new demands for the Millennium Tower Homeowners Association: Repair a window washing crane by Friday at 3 p.m., install an overhead protection system to protect the public from falling glass by Thursday at 3 p.m., and conduct a field inspection survey of all units by Friday at 3 p.m. to make sure no others have a fractured window glazing or curtain wall related issue.

The demands follow reports of a cracked window in unit 36B.

"This is a window system designed to withstand hurricane force winds so this is obviously of serious concern," Supervisor Aaron Peskin told ABC7 News last week.

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In response to the Department of Building Inspection's new demands, the attorney for the Millennium Tower Homeowners Association told ABC7 News in an email, "We relayed the Association's daily efforts to meet the DBI's requests to date and reiterated that the Association is fully prepared to respond to the DBI requests timely."

In its new demands the Department of Building Inspections scolds the HOA for its lack of communication with the city and failure to meet the city's previous deadlines.

The attorney for the HOA tells ABC7 News, the Homeowners Association is focused on the safety of its residents and the public at large. The HOA has asked the city attorney to extend the Thursday 3 p.m. deadline.

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