No more scooters? Regulations passed on dockless scooters in SF

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- As anyone who has spent some time in San Francisco in recent months, and chances are they've had not only a scooter sighting but sightings of scooters askew.

Scooters on the ground, and even in the Bay or in the occasional tree. Since their launch, 500 scooters have been picked up on the street for not being parked in the right place.

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This is just one of the issues surrounding San Francisco's new scooter culture. All will change when new permitting comes into play.

City Attorney Dennis Herrera, along with the SFMTA and San Francisco Public Works, announced the launch of a 1-year pilot program where scooter companies can apply for one of 5 permits, capping the number of vehicles on the road to 1250 the first 6 months and up to 2500 by month 12.

Speaking at a press conference today, Ed Reskin of the SFMTA says the city is eager to find a happy medium so the scooters can seamlessly incorporate into the city.

"We are excited about the prospect of these powered scooters could bring as a complementary part of the transportation landscape in San Francisco".

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If you've walked the streets of San Francisco recently, you've probably seen them -- motorized scooters parked randomly on the sidewalk.

Companies applying for permits need to present plans to address illegal sidewalk riding and parking along with education and privacy concerns on how user data is shared. Something riders say would alleviate some of their own problems.

"I was going the opposite of the one way and I had to go on the sidewalk. Someone was pretty upset at it. I understand the frustration but at the same time there was nowhere for me to go." says Josh Li who we found riding with his friends outside City Hall.

A decision on who is issued permits is expected by the end of June. But until then, come June 4th, any one scooter found on the streets of San Francisco...upright or not...will be subject to impounding and a $100 a day fine.

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