San Francisco restaurant owner with ties to Mexico City provides food to rescuers

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KGO) -- People in Mexico City have been seen forming human chains to help remove the rubble from collapsed buildings. One well-known San Francisco chef is doing her part to feed some of the volunteers and rescue workers in a few of the most devastated areas.

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Rescue workers and volunteers were cheering, grateful to have been fed. Video and pictures were taken by the staff of Contramar, a popular restaurant in Mexico City's Roma neighborhood -- which sustained a lot of damage in the earthquake.

Its owner happens to be Gabriela Camara of San Francisco's Cala restaurant.

"They said, 'Do you approve that we serve food?' 'Of course, of course, of course,' I was just frustrated not to be there with them," Camara told ABC7 News.

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The staff in Mexico City put up signs letting them know that lunch would be served at 1 p.m. Thursday with free Wi-Fi available. The bathrooms were open to the public along with an area to charge cellphones.

Lunchboxes were prepared and delivered to those who couldn't make it to the restaurant.

Shortly after the earthquake hit, people were helping victims, crowding areas in need.

"Everyone in Mexico, we have an immediate sense of solidarity. This is something we lived during the earthquake in 1985," Camara said.

She says now, it's the Bay Area's turn to deliver some hope. On Sunday, her restaurant in the Hayes Valley neighborhood will host a fundraising event for victims of the quake.

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