Super Bowl 2020: 49ers fans debate whether parade should be in SF or Santa Clara

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- The San Francisco 49ers are less than two weeks away from Super Bowl LIV and already there's debate over where a potential championship parade might be held.

San Francisco 49ers fans are still riding the wave of Sunday's win at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara.

The victory against the Green Bay Packers will send the team to the Super Bowl in Miami. The team will take on the Kansas City Chiefs on Feb. 2.

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Because of this quest for a sixth championship title, there is a Bay Area debate brewing. Fans are asking, "Where would the possible Super Bowl parade be held?"

"They originated from San Francisco," Los Angeles resident, Oscar Gutierrez told ABC7 News. "So, I think it should be- parade and everything- in San Francisco if we do win the Super Bowl."

San Jose resident, Veronica Baker argued, "It should be in Santa Clara. That's where Levi's Stadium is. That's where they play."

"A stadium is just a place. It's where they're from... All that matters is the city they represent," Jian Carlo Agurto from Hayward said.

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The Niners moved from Kezar to Candlestick Park in 1971. Between 1982 and 1995, the 49ers took home five Super Bowl titles.

ABC7 News cameras captured championship celebrations within the City of San Francisco back then.

The team moved to Santa Clara for the 2014 season.

Outside Levi's Stadium on Monday, Texas resident Sergio Martinez made the point, "All those people that were unhappy when the team moved over here, I think that would be something for them- a gift back to the fans."

"I love Santa Clara, I'm from the South Bay, and been a 49ers fan my whole life," San Jose resident Angel Navarro told ABC7 News. "I would like it to be in the San Francisco area just because of the heritage."

"They belong in San Francisco. Too bad they had to move over here," Daly City resident Eva Ochoa said. "But I would say San Francisco."

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We've reached out to the 49ers and the cities in question. When it's appropriate, the 49ers will have our answer.

For now, the debate between fans continues.

"I think it should be in San Francisco because that's where the fan base is," another fan said.

Ken Guanga told ABC7 News, "You're asking somebody that's bias, that's living in Santa Clara. So, let's have it here, baby... First time!"

A poll was posted to Twitter, asking: Where do you think a possible championship parade should be held? Viewers were given the options of San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Jose or simply to "secure the win."

Go here to see those results.

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