Sushi saga: ABC7's Dion Lim surprises Larry Beil with his own roll as 'payback' for prank against hers

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- ABC7 news anchor Dion Lim has a sushi roll named after her at The Cowfish restaurant in Charlotte, Atlanta, Raleigh and Orlando.

So when Larry Beil went to Charlotte to cover the NBA All Star Weekend, he came back with a hilarious story about Dion's roll.

ORIGINAL PRANK: ABC7 Sports surprises anchor Dion Lim with hilarious video tribute on live TV, her reaction is priceless

Weeks later, while Larry was vacationing in Australia, Dion got her payback!

Teaming up with Ace Wasabi Rock n' Roll Sushi in San Francisco's Marina district, Dion and Chef Will and owner Ken Lowe worked on a sushi roll, inspired by the Hawaiian islands and named guessed it! The OMG Larry!

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