Undercover Santa helps carry out Peruvian drug bust with sledgehammer: VIDEO

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Tuesday, December 26, 2023
Undercover Santa uses sledgehammer to bust drug gang
A drug officer in Peru dressed as Santa to go undercover before busting down the door of a drug organization that authorities nicknamed the Evil Reindeer gang.

Peruvian police carried out a drug bust operation with the special help of Santa Claus in Huacal, near the capital, Lima.

Video released on Saturday by Peruvian National Police shows an officer from the urban intelligence tactical division, known as the Green Squad, dressed as Santa Claus breaking down a door with a sledgehammer and helping to detain a suspect.

An undercover Santa Claus was caught on camera using a sledgehammer to help carry out a drug bust in Huacal near Lima, Peru.

Green Squad chief Walter Palomino said the place where the drugs were being sold was hard to access, so the Santa disguise was used to get close to the scene without alerting locals to the police action.

Local media said two men, aged 25 and 32, were arrested for selling cocaine and marijuana. In keeping with the seasonal spirit, authorities nicknamed the dealers the Evil Reindeer gang.