San Jose mass shooting: Dramatic radio recordings capture killer stalking VTA employees

ByDion Lim and Brad Belstock KGO logo
Monday, June 21, 2021
VTA releases radio traffic recordings during SJ mass shooting
Dramatic recordings have been released by the VTA as a gunman stalked and killed his coworkers at the Guadalupe facility in San Jose.

SAN JOSE (KGO) -- Dramatic recordings have been released by the VTA as a gunman stalked and killed his coworkers at the Guadalupe facility in San Jose.

What's remarkable given the circumstances is how calm people were during the incident.

Below are some parts of the radio traffic recordings.

WOMAN: Hi communications.

MAN: Michelle we have, we have shots fired in building B at Guadalupe.

WOMAN: Guadalupe.

MAN: Guadalupe yard right here on First and Younger.

WOMAN: Yeah? MAN: I'm sorry Younger and San Pedro.

WOMAN: Okay. How many, what happened?

MAN: that's all we have right now. Building B. Shots were fired.

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While stories emerge of the moody angry personality of alleged gunman Sam Cassidy, one coworker who witnesses the attack says he saw only the nice say of Cassidy.

Three minutes later as the shooting is going, we have two more calls.

One appears to be from a man who works security. He is told to stay away but can be clearly heard saying he is coming in because he is armed.

MAN 1: Rail control, Walter.

MAN 2: Walter, 7-7-2 track department.

MAN 1: Who's this?

MAN 2: 7-7-2. Track.

MAN 1: 7-7-2 What's going on man?

MAN 2: Yeah I don't know if anyone reported to you, we think there's a possible shooting right here, building, building B.

MAN 1: Yeah where you at, you need to shelter-in-place, hide, whatever you've gotta do. MAN 2: We're outside by the regular, I've got a couple guys with me by the regulators.

MAN 1: Okay. Go ahead and just stay clear man we've got county rolling all that good stuff. Just be safe.

MAN 1: Rail this is Travis.

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The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department released body camera footage Tuesday night from the mass shooting at a San Jose VTA railyard.

MAN 2: Hey Travis this S-8-5 I'm about to pull into the yard now.

MAN 1: Don't pull in. There's somebody shooting a gun, there's 10 to 15 shots, so just remain at a safe location. Don't let nobody inside here so stay on the outside.

MAN 2: Hey sorry is there an active shooter in the yard?

MAN 1: Yes.

MAN 2: Cause I'm coming in the yard I'm armed.

Literally one minute later, there is this chilling audio. You will hear two gunshots.

Train 31 0-C-C... (gunshots) train 31.

S-85! S-85 Somebody's shooting right outside the door, upstairs.

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