North Bay residents anxious with possible PG&E power shutoffs looming

COTATI, Calif. (KGO) -- There's lots of uncertainty in the North Bay about possible power shut offs by PG&E.

A planned power shutoff was called off for Monday, but the possibility remains for others later this week, when fire danger is high.

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Luis Diaz from Petaluma says he's ready as he can be for the possibly of losing his power for several days.
"I got some batteries today to be prepared and proactive, just go with the flow that's all we can do," said Diaz.

PG&E called off a so-called public safety power shutoff for Monday in North Bay Counties but says the possibility for more is real.

"Tomorrow, Tuesday morning we'll take a look at weather conditions to see if we need to shut the power off for safety," said PG&E spokesperson Deanna Contreras.

That possibility has prompted Sonoma County and the City of Santa Rosa to activate its Emergency Operations Centers.

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"If PG&E does a 'PSPS' it will increase calls for service which could impact traffic and those with functional needs," said Deputy Chief Scott Westrope from the Santa Rosa Fire Dept.
Hardware stores have seen a big demand for generators, some stores have sold out.

"I'm concerned about losing power but grateful we have a plan," said Natalie Cilurzo.

Cilurzo owns Russian River Brewing Company. She needs to keep her 85,000 square foot brewing operation going, and has ordered a two-megawatt generator which costs $300 to $400 an hour to run.

"So that's quite an investment in what we're considering an insurance policy," said Cilurzo.

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Supervisor James Gore is critical of PG&E, and the uncertainty which has left many confused. He wants the utility to do better and work closer with local governments.

"When we're chasing announcements, we need to be making decisions together, that's our request from PG&E work closer and more collaboratively with us," said Supervisor Gore.
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