Yosemite's firefall returns to the National Park with new rules for visitors

ByKarina Nova KGO logo
Saturday, February 5, 2022
Yosemite's firefall returns with new rules
It's one of the coolest sights to see at Yosemite, but if you're planning on going this year there are some new rules to know about.

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, Calif. (KGO) -- Yosemite National Park's 'firefall' returns in February 2022 but with some new rules for visitors.

The annual 'Firefall' at Horsetail falls is one of the Parks' most amazing spectacles and brings out thousands of visitors each year.

It happens each year in mid to late February when the setting sun hits the waterfall at just at the right angle to create a glowing orange and red sight, like a waterfall of fire.

But because of its popularity, the park has implemented new rules this year to reduce traffic jams.

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No reservations will be required, but guests are being asked to park at Yosemite Falls Parking and walk 1.5 miles to a viewing area near El Capitan Picnic area.

If that parking lot is full, park officials say that people can park at any of the other parking lots and take the free shuttle to the Yosemite Falls Parkin lot.

There will also be several road closures to accommodate the additional foot traffic and new rules for dropping off passengers.

All visitors will also required to wear a mask.

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The full list of rules can be found on the park's website.

The expected dates to see Firefall at Yosemite are from February 10 through the 28.